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Heather #

Yoga was introduced to me as a supplement to my weekly workout. Then it became something my body craved. Then something my mind needed. After an accident, it became my daily medicine. Today, other than my love for being a wife and mother, practicing and teaching yoga occupy a huge piece of my heart. In 2013 I received my RYT200 certification and have been sharing the gifts yoga has given me since then, in the classes I teach throughout the Ozarks. Currently, I am also finishing the ISSA’s SFN Certification for some really cool programs we are rolling out of “Form and Fuel” at CrossFit Republic. Yoga constantly reminds me to honor my past, plan for my future, but to always remain in the present. “The trail is ‘the thing’, not the end of the trail. Travel too fast, and you will miss all you have traveled for”. I would love to see you on your mat… or just give you a high five… high fives are great too…

Danny #

The foundation of my yoga practice is based in Iyengar yoga. I’ve always enjoyed the variety of poses practiced in that type of class along with the attention to detail given to each student. In 2009, my practice grew to include hot yoga with a focus on vinyasa. Through hot yoga, I found a consistent, daily practice and really experienced the benefits provided by a strong practice. When I started teaching yoga in 2011, I found a great marriage between my love for Iyengar yoga and my passion for hot yoga. When you attend one of my classes, you can expect to have a fun and challenging class. I try to mix just the right amount of detail so my students have the opportunity to learn, but don’t get bored. Each class is different so if there is something specific you would like to work on, just let me know.

I am an RYT-200 certified yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance and when I’m not on my mat, you’ll probably find me spending time with my two dogs, Milo and Jack