White River Brewing Company

The Event Space

White River Event Space

This space is perfect for so many diferent kinds of events. Comfortably seating 90 with a standing room capacity of 172. The room has 2 large garage doors for loading and unloading. The back garage door can also be opened during your event if the weather is right.

The room features a stage with spot lights. Decorative lights throughout the space that can be dimmed to your liking, or overhead lights that can be used if you would rather have it brightened up. Temperature control to your preference. House speakers can be used to play our local music station, or we have a different speaker if you would like to play your own playlist.

Tables and Chairs are provided. If a seating chart is pre-determined, we can have everything set up and ready to go when you arrive.

Food and Beverage #

Beverages #

We have a bar in the space with 6 taps open. You are able to pick your beer menu with available keg options ahead of time. We allow wine to be brought in as well, with a small corking fee added to the bill. We also carry soft drinks and water bottles. Those can be purchased throughout event, or you can bring your own for your guests.

Food #

We do not serve food, so we allow it to be pretty open. You can have the event catered, you can bring in your own food, or many groups have hired a food truck to be there during the event. It’s completly up to you. We just need to know ahead of time.

Event Space Pricing #

Tuesday – Thursday #

$75 / HR

Includes Bartender and $100/ HR bar tab.

Friday – Saturday #

$100 / HR

Includes Bartender and $100/ HR bar tab.

Sunday #

$75 / HR

Includes Bartender and $75/ HR bar tab.

The bar tab can be put all on one, or you can use the cash bar option. As long as the minimum per hour is met, then the space will be of no additional cost to you. If the minimum is not met, then the remainder of the minimum will be added to the bill for the event space charge.

Call the brewery to reserve the space (417) 869-1366