White River Brewing Company

Meet the Team

White River Brewing Co.

So you might be wondering why we decided to call our brewery White River Brewing Company. Well, that’s simple — in this region the White River is known as a relaxing, clean, crisp, enjoyable part of our lives, and we want White River Brewing Company to be that too. That’s why we work hard every day to deliver beers that make the weekend warrior, the discerning enthusiast, and everyone in between think relaxing, clean, crisp, and enjoyable with every sip.

Microbreweries have come a long way in the past 20 years, and the people behind the scenes at White River Brewing have learned many valuable lessons along the way. Those lessons get us excited to make our beers appealing to everyone, and not just bring out the same tired over-hopped choices. After all, in our line of work, ordinary just won’t do, that’s why we bring more to the table.

John Hosfield - The vision behind White River Brewing Company started with John “Buz” Hosfield. After retiring from a successful career in banking, Hosfield moved to Springfield from California in 2006, and in 2007 bought the facility where today, extraordinary beers are made. With his background, and an unending desire to make White River more than just another brewery, we’ve grown from an idea to a reality.

Rod Triplett - In late 2010, Rod Triplett joined the team. He’s not only a successful business broker, but also a very successful business owner. For more than two decades he has owned and operated many different types of businesses, including pawnshops, and through the years he has gained the contacts and the experience that it takes to keep White River Brewing Company running smoothly.

Completing the vision and helping set White River Brewing Company apart is our brewmaster, Dave Lamb. Since 1979, Lamb has been known throughout the region as an accomplished brewer and beer expert. With decades of experience spanning all things beer, Lamb is known for his work at White River Mining Company, Ebbets Field, Hickok’s Steak House & Brewery, and Rye Bread and Apple Core, not to mention his work with homebrewers and as a craft beer specialist.

Larry Anderson - Another key player in making sure that White River Brewing Company more than just another brewery is Larry Anderson. Assisting our brewmaster, Anderson helps bring our beers to life and supplies the elbow grease that we need to keep doing what we do. With more than 20 years experience as a successful home brewer, he keeps things sparkling and ready, and plays a crucial role behind the scenes.

At White River Brewing Company, our team believes in bringing quality to the market. The combined experience that Hosfield, Triplett, Lamb, and Anderson bring is proof that ordinary just won’t do, and together they help us deliver the extraordinary each and every day. At White River Brewing Company, we are raising the bar and proud to be adding steam to the craft beer revolution in Southwest Missouri.