Fall in love with Fall Creek Lager!

'Tis the season for keg-tossing, brats and ledehosen. This lager is as tradtional as it is tasty, as we use the finest German ingredients for this Märzen-style lager. Drink well and drink responsibly, prost!

Welcome to White River Brewing Company!

Our mission is to produce European style craft beers with an Ozark twist. We use the finest ingredients blended with the best experience.

Hand crafted, just as it should be.

Every step of our brewing process is like navigating a river, it takes experience and a passion for adventure.

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Aging isn't just for wine. In fact several of our beers are aging in old wine barrels and whiskey barrels. These excellent beers will be coming soon!

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The chemical conversion of fermentable sugars into approximately equal parts of ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide gas, through the action of yeast. The two basic methods of fermentation in brewing are top fermentation, which produces ales, and bottom fermentation, which produces lagers.

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